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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A wet, wet, wet, Wednesday!

Hey guys!! Hope this is finding you well. It was SOOO rainy today...but that worked out well I guess because I was indoors all day! Hope it's nicer tomorrow--will be out and about. So, ny computer is still being cooperative! Yay! So here's my eats...with pics AGAIN!

~Daily Eats~
Okay...breakie was....oh...SO. INSANELY. GOOD. I got this recipe from a fellow blogger!

Apple Almond Butter Oats! Made with--old-fashioned oats, a granny smith apple cooked in, wheat bran, cooked in skim milk, with of course, almond butter! <3

Lunch: Breakfast-like...again!

Two Van's Organic Whole Wheat Frozen Waffles. O. My. Goodness. These are heaven! Sweetened with a "touch of honey and a dash of cinnamon"! A MUST try item! Topped with natural peanut butter and loads of cinnamon on one side, with organic apple butter (sweetened with juice) and cinnamon on the other...mmm!!!

Snack: A ruby red grapefruit...Ah! So good!
Another snack: unsalted almond and peanuts with some no-sugar added orange juice...gotta love the essential OJ!!
Dinner: Ahhh...SO GOOD!
A bed of spinach, with a baked chicken breast cooked in some yummy olive oil and garlic spaghetti sauce topped with mozzarella cheese, parmesan, Italian seasoning, and garlic; with a side of unpictured brocolli with parmesan....ohhh yeahh... :D

A bedtime snack of a handful of baby carrots with a blob of crunchy almond butter!

~Fitness is Fun!~
Today I want everyone to bust a move...on the dance floor, that is. ;) Get your groove on and take a salsa class, tango with the boy, waltz, jam to your ipod in the house, or just throw on some rap and raise the roof. Just get your body moving. Dancing burns incredible calories per hour, and it will increase your happiness by jamming it up! 
Another thing--new ab move...cherry pickers. OUCH. Stabalize yourself on your tailbone with both feet off the floor and knees bent in front of you. In a sitting position (not laying back) take both hads/arms and alternate "picking" (quick poking motions) left side and right side. Do as many as our abs can handle. You will feel it! If you don't, you aren't balancing high enough. :D

So today I barely used my crutches. At all! My knee is feeling TONS TONS TONS better and I have only taken 400 mg of ibuprofen ALL DAY! HUGE improvement from 1200! :/ Super tired...tucking in.
Goodnight loves! Have a wonderdul rest of your Wednesday!
Stay Healthy:)


  1. Soooooo.... I love EVERY one of your eats today. Ahhh i want to try those waffles so bad! Dinner looks amaz. Even to a breakie lover. Making that white chili again tonight. I'll post about it soon!

  2. Thanks girl! YOU MUST TRY THEM NOW!!! They are absolutely ridiculous. Seriously. The best things ever. :D Yay!! I miss your posts!! :( Hopefully see you 2morrow! :)