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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rainy...and then SUNNY!!! :)

So when I woke up this was raining. I was SURE that was a bad sign!! But then it turned sunny and I got...GOOD NEWS AT THE DOCTOR!!! MCL is NOT torn!!! Just severely sprained...but I DO have a bone chip on my hurts pretty bad, but won't slow down the recovery process...just cause a lot of pain...But if everything goes well, the doc said I could be back on the ice in 3-4 weeks!!! YAY!!!

~Daily Eats~

Breakie: Honey Peanut Butter Cinnamon Oats-a recipe from the bestie, straight from her blog!!
old-fashioned oats, oatbran, peanut butter (LOTS!!), honey, LOADS of cinnamon--YUMMY!!! Along with my pile of vitamins and 2 trusty advil :)

Lunch (after doctor appt): After my visit to the orthopaedic, I was super relieved and in the mood to make one of my VERY FAVORITE fall sammies!!
Ezekiel bread, all natural peanut butter, no sugar added (juice sweetened) apple butter, 1/4 apple sliced, MULTITUDES of cinnamon w/ a beautiful gala apple!!

Snack 1: an over-ripe banana--just the way I like 'em!
Snack 2: some almonds and 2 prunes
Snack 3: Cherry Pie larabar=total LOVE!! :)

Dinner: Okay...this one was super creative...and SUPER DELISH!!! Listen up, bloggies:
Spaghetti squash (I microwaved it AFTER I cut it in half--it worked suprisingly well!!) with spinach, salmon, and crunchy almond butter with a slice of yummy ezekiel and a glass of skim milk...It sounds nasty, but it's basically the same as "Thai-style" noodles...just without the noodles!! ;)
With an accompanying delish pbutter ball--pb, oats, and 80% dark chocolate....ohhhh yeahhhh....:)

Note: It is recommended by cardiologists for people to eat at least one square of dark chocolate a day for heart health. It is also PACKED with antioxidants...not to mention it is super yummy!! :)

~Fitness is Fun!~
Alright, my word. YOGA. I AM ADDICTED TO YOGA!!! It has SO many health benefits (shocking, really!!) and is SUPER fun and relaxing! And not to mention boosts flexibility AND immunity! So, dearies...let's all rock a "downward dog" and find our center! :) "Namaste"!!

Weight Lifting...need I elaborate?!? LOVE doing weights. I do upper-body every day, and when I have completely working legs, I do ankle and leg weights about 3 times a week. Can I hear a                        "R-I-P-P-E-D"?!

Push ups may be old-school, but they NEVER go out of style. And even though pull-ups can replace them in the physical fitness testing, they don't come close to giving you the same benefits as a good ol' hardy DROP AND GIVE ME 20!! :)

~In Closing...~
I hope all you dearies in the bloggy world had a happy, healthy day. Enjoy this season. It is such a beautiful time of year and it is gone before we know it! So take time every day to enjoy the beauty of the world and appreciate those who go to great measures to preserve that beauty.

And one question before I go...I must know...How do you tag people in your blog? If anyone knows, please share by writing your answer as a comment! Thank you! Your feedback is appreciated!

Until tomorrow, then...have a wonderful rest of this GORGEOUS October-ful Wednesday! Stay happy and healthy! :)


  1. there is an add link button. You highlight what you want to tag and paste in the address it will link to. hmmm not sure how else to explain it. So glad you're loving the dark chocolate now. I haven't had a chance to get any more since you were here. But I made pb balls today with pb, oats and vanilla protien powder. So good. I don't know if I can meet tomorrow.. I have to lead the running class because my boss is gone. Call me? We might be able to work something out. YAY for no torn MCL. ps... no PB on that banana? Wasn't it lonely!

  2. I think I get the link thing...we'll see hahah!! Those pb balls sound SO DELISH!!! So did those Bob's REd Mill Muffins you posted about in your blog!! :) If we can't meet tomorrow, that's alright...maybe Sunday?? We'll see...Deff call you. Is tomorrow a.m. okay? I will be stuck at the rink for about 2 hrs...not getting to I'll call you then and we can try to work something out...whether it's tomorrow, Sunday, etc. I'm flexible! *sigh* I was so sure it was torn....the bruising on the inside of my ENTIRE leg--not just me knee is insane...and hurts like HECK...o well. But he is letting me bend it a bit now (30 degrees of flexion--ahhh...feels AMAZING!) And I tried putting small amount of weight on it a couple times...that will take a little bit longer. Gotta work up to it. But I'm so relieved. Talk to you tomorrow! P.s.--I know...I wasn't thinking...:/ And you gotta try that spag. squash recipe--I know it sounds gross...but it is so good. I know you're not the biggest fan of amond butter, so you could prob replace it w/ cashew butter!

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog - im happy i found yours!!!!!
    So happy to hear that your MCL was not torn!!!!
    Great recipe for the spaghetti squash - ill have to give it a try!!!!
    Have a great weekend and i look forward to reading more of your blog!!
    xoxo aimee

  4. Thanks Aimee! Your blog is one of my favs!! Yes--deff try the spaghetti squash recipe...mmmm....sooooo yummy!! Can't wait to read more of your blog!