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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday...that's pretty much all I have to say about that...:)

Hey dears!! Hoping everyone had a FANTASTIC tuesday! Mine was VERY nice...relaxing :) Gotta love stay at home days! And even better...I'm able to upload my pics now!!! YAY!!!!!!! So you guys get even MORE details :) SO happy my computer is cooperating now! :/ I was so frustrated with it! Good news, too-I walked by myself!! NO CRUTCHES!!! It was just about 10 steps...but's ten steps closer to getting back on the ice! :D eats....with pictures!! ;)

~Daily Eats~
So I bought this new Artisana coconut butter packet from my local health food store a couple of days ago...and what else would I use it on but OATMEAL??!?!?!?!!?! So, naturally, I made "Coco-Crazzy Oats"! These babies consisted of old-fashioned oats, that AMAZING coconut butter, 1/2 coconut cream pie larabar crumbled, some unsweetented coconut flakes with my vitamins...and advil :) These were good...but I might have overdone the "coconut theme" a bit too much....o well...there's always next time!

Lunch was breakfast-worthy...or breakfast like, I guess!
A yummy breakfast for lunch egg burrito/wrap! A whole wheat tortilla, 2 whole eggs (if you use the whole egg, you get SO many more benefits than using just the whites!), some shredded cheddar cheese, some SUPER HOT but delish salsa + an unpictured granny smith apple! MMM!!

Plain Stoneyfield Fat-free organic yogurt with some goji berries!
Snack: some peanuts and a ruby red grapefruit--SOO good! :)

Dinner:  Heads up: THIS WAS AMAZING!

No sauce spaghetti! A bed of spinach and brocolli topped with 100% whole wheat rotini pasta, shredded parmesan cheese, garlis, Italian seasoning, hanful of chopped fresh baby carrots, with a side of brussel sprouts with a glass of skim milk. SOO delish! New recipe sensation: Sauce-free spaghetti :) YUM!

~Fitness is Fun!~ you guys know...My knee is still screwed up, but I have been managing to get in a LITTLE exercise, being the workout junkie and total health nut that I am! ;)
What I'VE been doing lately: LOADS of sit-ups (these are intense and REALLY work!), shadow-boxing with dumbbells--can I hear a "hello definition?!" This is a great way to blast your heart rate up if you have any kind of lower-body injury (e.g. a sprained MCL and ankle)! Pipe crunches--lie on your back, flat out. Keeping both legs completely straight, bring your legs and arms/head up to meet your legs and hold for five senconds and repeat. For even MORE ab work, add those handy dumbbells!
It's not much, but it's better than doing absolutely NOTHING, right? And don't worry...I'll make up for it when I get back to working out  full force. :)

Can't believe how fast time is going! LOVING school so far! But it seems like the first day wa just yesterday! :/ How are you enjoying school/work? Is time going fast for you also?

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the night!
Healthy blessings coming your way!! ;)


  1. love this post... you sound happier. I'm so glad the knee is on the road to recovery! ummm that wrap looks amazing!

  2. Thank you!! i DEFF am happier. Today I walked by myself--no crutches--ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It was SOOOO good!! You MUST try this!!