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Saturday, October 16, 2010

So while I can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...I will...

BAKE!!!!!!!!!!! I have a list of things I want to make while I have extra time (thanks to my stupid knee injury...). So...let the baking madness officially...BEGIN!! :)

So far I haven't done much...just brekkie and lunch...but BOY were they YUMMY!
Brekkie was: old-fashioned oats with LOADS of all natural peanut butter with some all fruit apricot jelly (LOVE!!) topped with some delish wheat germ and dry roasted peanuts...Ah, the happiness of PB&Jelly Oats!! <3

Before Lunch, I threw some homemade "cinnamon pita/tortilla chips" in the oven. (Sorry for the laborious name...I haven't thought of a catchy title yet...)

~Cinnamon Pita/Tortilla Chips~
-one 100% whole wheat tortilla or pita bread
-some esxtra virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place pita/tortilla on a dry (not brushed with oil) glass baking pan. Brush pita/tortilla with a little olive oil and cover ENTIRELY with cinnamon. Place in oven and let bake (or broil if they are not crisping up well enough) for 5-15 minutes...time needed varies. Mine took a bit longer to get crunchy, but it depends. :)

AHHHMAZZING lunchy of ezekiel bread, crunchy almond butter (mmmm...yum!!) and a slice of cheese!! This was suprisingly good. I am OBSESSED with peanut butter and cheese, but I had yet to try almond butter and was super good!! And a delish local fuji apple--soo yummy!

Wish I could upload the pics!! Computer isn't letting me, for some odd reason :( Must get this problem FIXED!!

Spent the night at my BFF's house, Jamie. (who's blog you should DEFF CHECK OUT!!!) We had a BLAST!!! Took soooo many pictures, made some yummy food creations (not to mention twin oatmeals!!!), watched a movie, and talked for hours NON STOP!!! It was so nice to get to go and spend time with her. She has a special way of cheering me up when I'm sad, which I deff need during this time!! :'( I love her so much! <3

I can't believe halloween is almost here...I was planning on dressing up, but I will still be in my cast by the time it rolls around, so the only thing I COULD dress up as would be...a hospital patient...which wouldn't really be that fun because my costume wouldn't necesarilly be a B= bought a VERY cute halloween shirt that will match my pumpkin earrings. Not ideal, but I will live...At least I can still do pumpkin oats on halloween!! ;) Gotta love 'em...<3

Not sure what the rest of the day has in store...will most likely be posting again before the day is over since I have nothing else to do...but, if I don't...

And for all you skaters reading this--next time you skate, be thankful!! I wish I was able to! :'(


  1. Those pitas sound awesome. Have you eaten anymore of our amazing "pb balls" :) I had so much fun my little friend. Hope you get better really quick. Have fun baking!

  2. Pitas are a deff MUST TRY! Ate some today!! Getting ready to enjoy some delish pb balls in a few minutes (with a side of ibuprofen...hahaha!!) I had SUCH a great time!! Def have to do that again--SOON!!! :) Thanks for helping me through this and encouraging me!! I love ya tons!!