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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A week exactly...

Hello, bloggies! It's exactly one week today since I hurt my knee...:/ I go back to the doctor tomorrow. Pretty uptight and nervous about what he's going to say...we'll see what happens.

~Daily Eats~
Breakie: old-fashioned oats, oatbran (first time trying it--delish!!) cooked in with the oats, flaxseed, fabulous gala apple chopped, wheat germ, a chopped dried apricot, some coconut, apple butter, almonds, with my trusty vitamins and advil. This breakie was made up by the bestie!! Visit her AHHmazzing blog! :)

Lunch: Athenos hummus (original kind), turkey, cheddar cheese, in between some ezekiel bread with an apple--my 2d apple of the day because they reduce swelling in sports-related injuries. Who would have guessed?!

Snack 1: a bartlett pear and a cheese stick
Snack 2: peanuts
Snack 3: Peanut Butter Cookie larabar!! :)

Dinner: Harvest Autumn Chicken (my original recipe!!)
chicken, baked. Add apple butter, TUMULTS of cinnamon, dashes of ground cloves and ground nutmeg...with a sweet potato with cinnamon and brussel sprouts...MMM!!! Perfect for fall!!
And a delish muffin as a bedtime snack!! (Along with lifesupport...ADVIL!!) and some celestial seasonings Bengal Spice tea. Soooooo good....:)

~Fitness is Fun!~
Okay, people. One word: PLYOMETRICS. This is intense, dearies. Think strength and cardio...combined...yeah...tough! Bring on the heat, baby!!
ROCK THAT PLANK!!! Quick result, here you come! Rocking the front and side planks (push up position and hold) is a serious strenth training move that even the toughest athletes still practice! Sneaky! halloween is right around the corner (thus the orange text!!) What special activities/parties/etc. are you planning? Do spill! Any special menu items or festive workouts? Think "zombie fun run"...hahah!! Please Comment!

Anyway...really hoping everything goes allright tomorrow. Will update after appt.

Have a Healthy Day and Enjoy's too short not to! :)

WEAR PURPLE TOMORROW!!!!! :) Tomorrow is a remembrance day...:'(


  1. Good luck at the doctors. :) Did you finish our muffins/pb balls yet? Mine are GONE! haha. That chicken sounds amazing. call me and let me know what the say!!

  2. Yumm i love the pb cookie larabar!! Good luck at the doc tomorrow :)

  3. Thank you! muffins--ONE LEFT!! Getting ready to have one!! :) SOOOO yummmy :) Especially w/ chai tea!! Pb balls--will prob be gone by 2morrow night, hahah!! Soooo good!! Will deff call you! Love ya girl! <3

  4. Thanks Megan!! LOOOOVE your blog, btw!!