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Friday, October 22, 2010

TGIF :) (thank GOODNESS it's Friday!)

Hey my peeps. This is going to be a quicki post...SO tired and in SO MUCH PAIN. I didn't take enough advil today...and I'm feeling it now. Anyway...let's get cracking on business.

~Daily Eats~

Breakie: My original recipe of Apricot Oats...<3 soooo good :) old fashioned oats, cooked in 2% milk, wheat germ cooked in, wheat bran cooked in, 2 chopped dried apricots (organic), 2 big blobs of apricot all fruit jelly (no sugar added) w/ some almonds sprinkled on apricot oats.

Lunch: a 100% whole wheat bagel with mozzarella cheese, an egg, and spinach on top with a local gala apple. yum...sooooo yum.

Snack 1: plain stoneyfield organic yogurt with peanuts and raisins
Snack 2: a banana with a Justin's almond butter packet
Snack 3:a cherry pie larabar!! :) This is one of my favorite flavors...LOVE dried cherries!!

Dinner: Rice and Bean Soup with a whole wheat tortilla (I toasted it and dipped it in the soup--it was really good!!) with some broccolli an parmesan cheese witha mug of Celstial Seasonings Bengal Spice Tea...yessss!!

~Fitness Is Fun!~
My fitness challenge for today--biking. Instead of hopping in the car to go to the nearby grocery store, hop on that bike and start peddlin'. You'll bur MUCHO calories and save the environment AT THE SAME TIME. Double whammy!! :) Not to mention it's SUPER fun and a great way to take n the beautiful October scenery.

~In Closing...~
Today was not a good day for me, knee wise. I was in major pain all day...not to mention added pain from a migrane...ugh. But all I can do to keep myself from crying all the time is tell  myself that it's only 3 weeks...and almost 2 1/2 now!! I can do this.
If you are strugglig with something right now, I hope you can read this and know that you aren't in this alone.Everyone has their own personal struggles...whether it be a major MCL sprain, or somethin else. All we can do is keep our chins up. If we give up, we are just letting ourselves down. So stay strong loves!!

Until tomorrow....Have a happy, healthy,October-ful Day!!


  1. Lunch looks familiar! Haha mmmm. Yummy stuff chicka. Love ya I am praying for your knee!

  2. HAhaha...yep...I ran out of ezekiel...:( Thanks!! I love you too and I REALLY appreciate all the prayers I can get. It was a rough night...:/ Miss you and CANT WAIT to see you tomorrow! It's gonna be the highlight of my week :) LOVE YOU SUPER DUPER FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)