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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just another day...

As the name suggests, I didn't do much today...felt a bit blue today...:( Knee is still hurting really bad...getting anxious and nervous about doctor appointment on Wednesday...MRI will make or break it...Let's get down to business, though.

~Daily Eats!!~
Breakie started out great. A new twist to basic raw oats!!: Some greek yogurt (LOVE!!! Has 2x the protein of normal plain yogurt--an ESSENTIAL for us figure skaters and athletes!!), organic old-fashioned rolled oats (DONT COOK-sprinkle on top of yogurt RAW!!), some totally delish plain almonds, a sprinkling of goji berries, with a side of my many vitamins...This is my 2d time trying gojis...I can't decide if I really like them or not...they are REALLY sweet!

Lunch was totally fabulous: hummus spread on ezekiel bread, with some ham, cheese and a granny smith apple on the side...SO YUMMY!!! :)

Snack: those cinnamon pita chips I made yesterday!! They were SUPER good!! :)

Snack: Cashew Cookie larabar (Im officially ADDICTED to larabars...and oatmeal...and tofu...and...oh, the list goes on and on...!!) with some organic cashew butter spread on top to liven up the cashew flavor!!

Dinner: Egg omelete, with spinach, cheddar cheese, some SUPER HOT but totally delish salsa, some ham, and a slice of ezekiel bread! I'm a HUGE fan of breakfast for dinner...especially when the breakfast is a TO DIE FOR omelete!! <3

I also made some homemade apple chips that I haven't tried yet...tomorrow, though!!

~Fitness is FUN!!~
Right now I am TOTALLY loving basic sit-ups...kind of old-school here, but want rockhard abs of steel? Crunch away, baby, but crunches are a wasted effort! Sit-ups on the other hand, give the abdomen a full range of motion, working all the muscles...while in crunches you are just sitting up halfway and then laying back down before the muscles have a chance to burn any calories, or tone.

I am a H-U-G-E believer in the power of kickboxing. Before I became injured, I did it EVERY day (along with yoga) for 45 minuted a day. Hello, quadriceps!! And not to mention bi and triceps also! ;)

Running. Need I say more? I am ADDICTED to running. It is one of my many natural "highs"! I have many running name a few: I am running a FULL marathon my senior year of highschool...or at LEAST before I'm 20...I am doing (hopefully) the Walt Disney World Princesses 1/2 Marathon Weekend--you run THROUGH DINSEY WORLD!!!--and am SUPER PUMPED!! Hopefully my knee will be completely healed and giving me zero problems and pain by then! :/ And I do want to shoot for an ultra...sometime in the far...far...far future. :) I can't wait till I can run again!

And of course...skating. *sigh*...this is so difficult for me...skating is my entire life...while I can't do it, I'm trying to focus on other things...but the pain in my gut from having it taken away from me just won't go away. :'( I HATE THIS INJURY!!!!

There are SO many more amazing ways to get exercise...but if I list all of them, this post would never end!! :)

~Before I sign off...~
Still unable to post pics...when I finally can, I will have SO many to upload!! But I promise I will upload ALL of them! :)

Until tomorrow (hopefully), I hope all you dearies in the blogger world have a healthful day. And a goos reminder for all you athletes out there: PUT GOOD IN, GET GOOD OUT! Proper nutrition is SUCH a vital aspect of good athletic ability. Remember if you fuel up properly, you will maintain your energy levels throughout your sport and while participating in your daily activities. None of us want to be dragging before the day has even begun!!

And a daily encouraging tip: Never give up. It's not fair to yourself if you only give half effort. Because, in reality, if you have been giving only 1/2 effort in something, and when that thing gets taken away from you, you will look back at all that time you wasted not working hard, and feel incredibly STAY STRONG...for yourself!! :)

Happy Healthy Living! :)

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  1. Love this post! Sorry your knee is not being nice right now. I hope it heals real soon. You should dip those pita chips in greek yogurt with a little honey... that would be amazing.