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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday, Sunshine, and Salmon...:)

Happy Sunday, bloggies! Hope all of you had a wonderful Sunday--it was SO beautiful outside...the weather warmed up quite a bit since the chilly morning!! Here's the eats...

~Daily Eats~
Breakie: This was AMAZING by the way!!--0% Greek yogurt (LOVE!! SO addicted to this!) with ABUNDANT cinnamon (no shock there!!) with a crumbled clif natural bar in apple flavor on top (I REALLY LOVE these bars...not NEARLY as good as laras...but...hey, what can I say...after you've had the best, you are pretty spoiled!!), some raw oats on top, along with a side of a boiled egg with melted swiss cheese on top. MMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunch: A 100% whole wheat pita bread with natural peanut butter spread folded over with most of a granny smith apple.

Snack 1: a banana (WAYYY over ripe...o well...) with a Justin's organic peanut butter and cinnamon packet. I had never tried this Justin's before...but I will DEFF be getting this kind again!! :)

Snack 2: 2 prunes

Snack 3: Lemonbar Larabar...Another of my fav flavors!!

Dinner: Simple Salmon with brocolli and 1/2 a sweet potato...This ABSOLUTELY hit the spot, let me tell you!!

~Fitness is Fun!~
Alrighty far as new exercise ideas go...(this isn't really a legit workout, but...) I want everyone to just simply go outside and do their workout. Whether it be running, biking, yoga (yoga on the deck is HEAVEN--aspecially in the early a.m.!!), anything...just do it outside! This may seem like a simple change, but you will feel SO much better after spending your workout time also getting some sunshine--that vitamin D will boost your happiness and strengthen your bones WHILE you are already working out and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL fall weather!!! :) 

Can you believe it is already here? What are your plans for the holiday? Are you celebrating on Saturday or on the actual holiday (Sunday)? Costumes? Recipe ideas? Parties being planned? DO SHARE!!!!!!

I started out today feeling okay...knee wise...pain has decreased tremendously since yesterday (yay!!) But as I sat at the rink waiting for my sis to get done skating, I was just SO sick of being stuck in this brace. Luckily...just when I thought I couldn't bear it anymore...I was SAVED!!! The bestie walked in! We went outside and talked for almost two hours! I felt so much better after talking to her and just BEING with her in general. I love her so much! Legit BFF!! :)

So tomorrow is Monday...."sigh"....looking forward to something,'s ONE LESS DAY TILL HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited! What is your favorite holiday?

Hoping everyone has a happy, healthy day! :)

I STILL can't upload pics....I have them ready for when I can though, I promise!! :)


  1. love you! Fun times yesterday.... with my speech. haha. Love my bracelet. See ya chicka.

  2. LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O yeah--hey, that speech really did help after all, though! YAY!!! Im so glad. I hope it stays on! If they end up coming off, I'll make more sturdy ones. :)