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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby, it's COLD outside!

Hello, freezing foodies! I hope everyone is staying somewhat warm in this brutal weather. 23 degrees WITH WIND today--AH!!! Awful. I see no point in cold weather unless there is snow on the ground!
So...on the other hand-I forgot how close Christmas was! I have been so focused on the Christmas show at the rink that I've barely even THOUGHT about Christmas itself! But now let's get to the goods...;)

Oats, banana, dried mission figs, cinnamon, and all natural pbutter!

Oats, peppermint extract cooked in (this is SO amazing! Perfect for these dreaded winter months!), banana, unsweetened coconut, all natural peanut butter.

All natural, plain yogurt, organic whole wheat flax cereal flakes, sunflower seeds, frozen blueberries, banana. Such a good combo! :)

~Fitness Is Fun!~
I am loving "side steps" right now. I know. They sound so simple--haha...NOT. If you do them properly (butt all the way down in a deep squat position...but without letting your knees fall in--REALLY be mindful of this...VERY bad for your knees!!) you will DEFINITELY feel this. Once it gets too easy, add a medicine ball. Hold it in your hands at arms length (don't get a medicine ball that's too heavy...about 3-5 pounds is ideal) and go on with side steps. Oh. Yes. 
If you have a punching bag handy (because so many people keep them around...hahaha...) take it out of the closet and go ahead and punch it up....BIG TIME. You will work up a MAJOR sweat and get out your anger if you've had a less-than-amazing day ;)

The show went great. We got great reviews! We all had a blast. I was so thankful I was able to participate (even the little part I COULD be in was better than none at all!) and I put all I had in me into my 8 minutes on the ice ;) 
My knee is getting so much better. I had a GREAT practice today and looking forward to tomorrow. I'm getting so much stronger and reaping the benefits of having to improve on my basic jumps while having to hold off on my bigger jumps. Most of my spins are back to normal...I haven't been able to do some of them because they hurt too much, but the ones I have been able to practice are going great. I've been doing quite a bit of power skating and on-ice strength training--so essential in mastering those difficult elements that I will be doing again soon!
Until next time...
Stay healthy and happy...and WARM! 
Another uplifting quote: "Be the change you wish to see in the world". How awesome is THAT?! Basically all it means is--if you want things to change, you have to change your mind set first. SO TRUE. Often we want things to change, but while we still have a negative attitude towards it. When something bad happens in the days/weeks to come, try to think of all the things and reasons that you have to be HAPPY. I KNOW the number of good things will surprise you!


  1. you're so awesome. Love the oats :)) Miss you already girly.

  2. I MISSSSS YOUUUU!!!!!!! So much. It's. Not. Even. Funny. Major catch up time when you get back :) Sleepover, I think?! :D

  3. love the banana, peanutbutter, peppermint combo! I think this is a must try!

  4. Hey!

    SO glad you found my blog! Yours is awesome!

    LOVE your breakfast yogurt combos! They look so good!!!!!

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!!!!

    p.s. yes cottage cheese on a rice cake is delish!!!