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Friday, November 5, 2010


Hey peoples!! So my doc appt was ok I guess...coul have been better, could  have been worse. 3 more weeks off. But get to stat Physical Therapy this week and go 2-3 times/week. O boy...

Just randoss...

Breakie started out delish...and it looked pretty good, there, if I may say so myself!! ;)
"Himalayan Muesli". A recipe from a natural helaing cookbook--helps speed up recovery time...just what I need right now!!--old-fashioned organic oats, an apple chopped (red delicious), banana, raisins, 1/2 c. organic fat free plain yogurt, topped with some almonds--stick the almonds into the mis to look like the himalayas...too cute!!

Lunch was 2 slices of cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread with almond butter and honey. With some pear and an apple on the side. YUM!!

Some snacks throughout the day included: an apple, zucchini bread slice, 3 prunes, some organic bran flakes-dry and a pb cookie larabar (my fav flavor!!).

~Fitness Is Fun!~

Most of you all have probably heard of a move called a "superman". If so, up the strength training by adding weights to your upper back/lower neck area. Ankle weights will work, just make sure they aren't too hard and won't dig into your back! :D Happy exercising!!

So my bestie is running a 50 MILER tomorrow!!! I'm so excited for her. It's her first 50, but she's done tons of marathons and ultras before. I know she'll be great!!
SUPER early morning again tomorrow...:/ Outta the house by 5:50....AHHHHH YUCK!!!!!!!! Until then....Hope you all are staying warm in this bitter fall wind! It turned cold almost OVERNIGHT! :/

Talk tomorrow hopefullt. Happy healthy living!



  1. LOVE youuu ill let ya know...

  2. love you too and you better!!! haahhahahaha!! ;)

  3. Hey girl, thanks for your comment :)

    Good luck to your friend running the 50-miler! And yes it literally went from summer to winter overnight. Where'd fall go?!

  4. Oh yeah, anytime;) I can't believe how cold it is out there!! :/