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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Catch Up post!!

Hey Guys! Sorry I've been so bad about posting lately :/ I've been SO busy...ahhh!! Anyway...Here's some random eats that I didn't post...can't quite remember the exact days they were from...but...when so much is going on, there's so little time to get everything done!!

~Weekly/Daily Eats Recap~

So...I'll start off with a breakie from a couple of days ago...
Old-fashioned Oats cooked in skim milk with almonds, a banana, frozen raspberries (I much prefer fresh, but I can't fathom paying 7$$ for a carton of fresh in the fall and winter!!). A great breakfast for that LAST warm day of on to the bone chilling times...:/

Dinner from a few nights ago...absolutely delish!! :)
Indian Style Vegetable Korma with chicken and brown rice. YUM! This was a super-quick "throw-together" dinner but it came out suprisingly good!

I had a FABULOUS bowl of pumpkin oats for breakie on halloween a.m. consisting of old-fashioned oats, pumpkin puree, pumpkin seeds and 3 chopped dries figs!

My family had a party on halloween night, and I made "greek yogurt ghosts" and "termites smiles"!

One banana, halved in the middle: smothered with Oikos 0% Greek yogurt (favorite!) and two raisins as eyes and one as a mouth! Too cute! And TOO GOOD! Apple slices with greek yogurt and raisins. :D

Now for far ;)

Raw old-fashioned oats, ezekiel cinnamon raisin cereal (SOO good-must try), whole almonds, all with skim milk poured over top! This was absoluelty FABULOUS! Perfect for early mornings when in need of a uick breakie but still want those oats!! :)

I bought some arugala the other day and have been DEVOURING it! I had it on a sammie today for lunch!

7 Sprouted Grains Ezekiel Bread (I had never tried this kind before, but I really like it--it has oats on top!! ;) Only thing I DON'T like about it is it falls apart WAY more than any of the other kinds!! hmmm...) With turkey, swiss cheese, and arugala! With a delish red delicious apple! :D

That's all so far...but I will post the other half of my day tonight.

~Fitness Is Fun!~
I know it's turning cold outside, but if you have one available to you, hop into the swimming pool! Swimming is one of the number one forms of cardio out there and SUPER fun! And while it pumps up your heart rate, it relaxes your muscles and rids them of unwanted tension! How cool is that?!

Now I don't know about you guys, but my yard out in front of my house is absolutely SMOTHERED in a way to get outside and get your Vitamin D...rake them! And jumping in the piles is allowed, too, I suppose! ;)

Getting ready to leave for my follow-up doctor appointment for my knee...pretty worried about the news I am going to here. It's been doing great lately, actually...I just don't know if I'm making myself think it's so  uch better because I am DYING to get back on the ice. Well, whatever is going on, I'll find out in a few...:/
I will be incorporating "super meals" into my posts...meaning certain meals and sides/snacks that have certain, promotes quick recovery (the main one I will be focusing on), anti-cancer, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, etc. These are fun to learn about and even more fun to make and enjoy. They are super yummy and can be enjoyed even more with knowing all the EXTRA benefits that go along with them!

Scooting out for now. Be back with more later.

Stay healthy and be happy!



  1. I always get hungry after your posts! haha. Looks great! I promise I'll TRY to post tonight. good luck with the knee!! Oh and I've been eating those whole wheat bagels basically daily. mmmmmm. :)

  2. Haha!! Thanks! :) wwheat bagels...ohhh yeahhh!! Especially with some pb and honey...and banana to top it off!! ;)