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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Thanks to yesterday, it is only a necessity that I make tonight's post a dark chocolate/cocoa post!!
As most of you know, the benefits of dark choc. are ENDLESS! A few examples include...

The number one health benefit and most widely known benefit of cocoa is cardiovascular health improvement. Cardiologists actually recommend for people to eat a few squares of dark chocolate every day in order to help keep hearts healthy.
Dark chocolate and cocoa also provide many surprising antioxidants. It tops the charts along with blueberries ad green tea.

Cocoa also reduces blood pressure, improves blood flow, and may help prevent plaque formation in arteries.

Though it is a sweet treat, dark choc. has a low glycemic index similar to...get ready for it...OATMEAL! Yes, you heard right. Our beloved dark chocolate, along with our beloved oats, will keep you full and won't spike your blood sugar.

Just like all plant based foods (since cocoa comes from the cocoa tree), dark chocolate is very high in important vitamins and minerals.

Recent studies are showing that dark chocolate might be one of the many cancer-fighting superfoods! Now...if this reason doesn't convince you to start chowing down, I don't know what will!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's! Until next time...

Stay happy. Stay healthy.



  1. Mmmm chocolate :) I made myself a bowl of chocolate oats for breakfast on vday. It was way delicious and satisfying! Nothing beats chocolate for breakfast ;)

  2. Dark chocolates are MY FAV! If you manage to find a really good brand, it's the best thing ever *-*

    I used to buy one called Kallari chocolate. It was the best thing I've ever tried in my life. If you get a chance, try it :)

  3. I love dark chocolate, but I'm pretty picky about it! I love choosing several bars from the chocolate section at Whole Foods. In fact, I think my supply is a little low - that's going on my grocery list for this weekend!

  4. You're welcome! :) Let me know if you like it! It's rather hard to find, I think only Whole Foods has them... but it's totally worth it, I promise! d: