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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Groceries of a skater

Hey guys! I was inspired by Gabriela the other day to do a Groceries post. So...her goes! My weekly pick-ups include...

Fruits and veggies are always first on my list. Gotta have the essentials!
-apples (whichever kind is on sale)

-brown rice
-Ezekiel bread
-whole wheat sandwich thins
-Nature's Path or Kashi cereals 
-Ezekiel 4:9 cereal
Canned Items
-Amy's canned low-sodium soups
-canned garbanzo beans/chickpeas
-canned beans (all varieties) 

Frozen Foods
-Amy's microwave meals (I keep a few on hand at all times for those late night skating practices, which upon returning home the last thing I want to do is cook! Ever had a night like that? These are tasty, super healthy and super quick for when you're in a time crunch!)
-Veggie Burgers (whichever kind is the cheapest that day with the cleanest ingredient list!)
-frozen berries/other frozen fruits
-ALL frozen veggies

-Stoneyfield Farms Organic Plain Nonfat Yogurt (or the cheap kind!)
-a couple containers of greek yogurt (Oikos or Dannon Greek)
-skim milk
-fat free cottage cheese
-all fruit preserves
-the oh-so-essential nutbutter! (Organic Peanut, Almond, and Cashew. Along with a few Justin's packets for on-the-go)

Can't think of anything else right at the moment...but these are pretty much the bare essentials.
What are your shopping essentials? How many grocer trips do you make per week? 

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious week everyone! :D

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
Robert Collier


  1. I make at least 1 trip a week. I get all my produce at Sprouts (seriously KILLER deals) and then I hit up Fresh and Easy or Albertsons for the rest!! I always pick up produce, bread, and beans!!

  2. i love Amy's meals and in the summer time i always keep her frozen burgers and enchiladas on hand since i find im too lazy to cook and sometimes want a warm meal versus something cooling.

    mmm you stock up good girl! i also gotta have lots of bean, fruits and veggies on hand too mmmm <3

  3. This looks a lot like my shopping list! Justin's nut butter packets are a MUST :)

  4. LOVE Justin's packets on the go! I was on spring break last week and I had them for breakfast every morning. Delish. I am a big fan of frozen veggie burgers too. I probably go twice a week, once to a local produce store and once to a bigger grocery.

    My main essentials are fresh veggies (obvi for a vegetarian), nut butters and Greek yogurt.

  5. Very informative post. First time at ur space and quite a lot to learn...thnks !

  6. Hey lovely! We only going shopping once a week for food, on Fridays, at 2 different stores. The big ol' super store named Costco and a local grocery store for the "we only last one weeeek!" veggies :) My essentials are to always keep the grains + protein stashes full, with plenty of fruit n veg for the week!

    & I use my cell phone for all of my pictures, a Nokia N900 with an insanely delightful camera!! It's wonderful :)

    Have a rad week!

  7. The spinach pinto patties are on my recipe page! It's pretty much equal parts:

    *pinto beans, cooked
    *rolled oats, uncooked
    *spinach (2-3 handfuls)
    *1 tablespoon: paprika
    *garlic, onion, salt n pepper, red pepper flakes, anything your heart desires!

    Throw 'em in the food processor, or keep some of the oats out + mix them in afterwords for more texture, and form into patties. I store mine in the freezer in plastic wrap 'till ready to consume! Usually I bake 'em or pan cook them 'till golden brown. Deeelicious :)